The seeds we sale have 4 kinds of sizes,such as gram,kilogram,1MT and 10MTs,and MTs is the largest size.

We sell 7245 kinds of plant seeds, 573 kinds of alive roots and 1300 kinds of alive plants ,and 730 kinds of seedlings. also we sell 1300 kinds of dry plant roots, and the leaves and flowers.

if you order 300 kilograms,500 kilograms,1000 kilograms or 900000 kilograms of goods,we will ship to you by shipping container.We sale products to large sellers and plant companies in the world.And if you want to order more products,please send your email to:[email protected] and tell us the goods name and the number of goods you want to buy,after we get the email, we will tell you the price.

If you can't find  what you want on our website, the reason may be:

1. You entered the keyword incorrectly

2. they hasn't been updated to the website yet,Because they are under production in our warehouse . 

Don't worry. You just need to send an email to [email protected] to tell us what you need. and then we will plant and produce for you.



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