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Certificate of Origin(one certificate)

Certificate of Origin(one certificate)

When you purchase one or more items,

if you want "Certificate of Origin" to be shipped with the goods,please add "Certificate of Origin" to the cart.

Your name, address, purchase items and other information are on the certificate issued by the government department.

There can be up to 20 product names on a Certificate of Origin, so you only need to pay for one certificate, and the government will handle the certificate for you.

After you pay, our company will ask the government department to print all your information on the new certificate.
The certificate and the product will be shipped to you together.

The customer's order amount is less than US$3,000, which is a small amount order, so there is no need to apply for a certificate.



38.00 USD (37.62 EUR)
Certificate of Origin(one certificate)


Weight / Cost

38.00 USD (37.62 EUR)

The goods we sale have 5 kinds of sizes,such as 1000 Gram,10 Kilogram,1000 Kilogram, 1MT and 100MTs,and 100MTs is the largest size.

When the customer's order quantity is too small and does not meet our packaging requirements, we will cancel the order.

You need tell me how much you want to buy,and then we calculate the price and tell you.You can contact us by emailing to:

When you have the same product in your shopping cart, if you add the same product again, you will not be able to add it. The solution is: you need to delete the product and add it again. Or regenerate a "new order number" please contact the administrator at

Price Lists(A to Z)

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